Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get With The Program

Building A Programing

Square Footage: 4000-5000

North side, Large windows, entrance
East side, large entrance, capable of fire truck access
South side, windows
West side, solid with smaller entrance
Maintain language with other fire department training buildings

Algae Processing, in order of operation

-Harvesting of algae from trenches
-Initial water extraction

-Drying (approximate size 5’x20’ 200 sqft)
-Pressing (approximate area 1000 sqft)
-Holding Tanks (approximate 160 sqft)
-Oil separator (approximate 80 sqft)
-Separate holding tanks for separated liquids (200 sqft)

-Biodiesel storage tanks
-Biodiesel pump

Other indoor functions:
-Office/testing/research space (approximate 1500 sqft)
-Storage space (approximate 500 sqft)
-Bathrooms/showers/lockers (approximate 120 sqft)
-Circulation space (as needed for production)

Algae Biodiesel

Algae drying equipment

Close up of algae dryer

Press set up for large volume Biodiesel production, much larger than we will be doing in this facility but it gives you the idea.

Press for removing lipids from Algae

Holding tanks for pressed Algae lipids

Oil separator and holding tanks for separated liquids

Nice retro gas pump with Biodiesel logo

This is an schematic of a Biodiesel plant. Obviously its for a much larger production facility but our smaller facility will have many of the same parts.

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